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What We Do

Invest with a proven partner.

Bamboo Equity Partners™ works closely with some of the largest financial institutions to identify, secure and capitalize on highly curated commercial real estate opportunities.

We provide our investors with diverse, value-creating real estate strategies across the entire risk spectrum. Bamboo’s full suite of services helps our clients see unique opportunities and value-adding possibilities, hiding in underutilized properties.

Fund Management

See the opportunity in overlooked assets.

We believe that micro-opportunities can generate big returns. That is why we focus on industrial and office properties valued between $1 million and $10 million that are often ignored due to their size and the perception that they will not generate sufficient cash flow. We capitalize on that false perception to find rewarding opportunities where we can add value and earn risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

We do more than find and improve these assets, we invest in them with you. We even structure our senior Principals’ compensation based on the success of the Fund to show you how confident we are in our process.

  • Smaller assets, greater opportunities
  • Expertise in strategic capital deployment
  • Substantial cash-flow generation
  • Shared risk and reward
Partner with us

Find and secure your next investment.

We work closely with our clients to find investment opportunities that align with their desired level of risk and expected return. Our strong network of real estate owners, developers and brokers gives us better access to available properties. We coordinate all the necessary due diligence to give our clients the materials they need to make informed decisions, then we leverage our banking relationships and acquisition experience to negotiate the best terms.

From underwriting to closing, we handle all the details and paperwork to make growing your commercial real estate portfolio easy.

  • Exclusive real estate connections
  • Comprehensive risk and return analysis
  • Thorough due diligence coordination
  • Experienced in representation and negotiation
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Start a rewarding partnership.

We frequently partner with institutional and high net-worth individuals to form joint ventures in real estate acquisition and development. We understand the complexities of real estate capital and offer a full suite of portfolio-enhancing services and capabilities. Our extensive experience, expert team and close relationships within the real estate industry give us the unique ability to generate cash flow in creative ways.

Our strategic investments and value-adding methods are proven to deliver results and drive value for our partners.

  • Extensive investment experience
  • Creative cash-flow generation
  • Strategic real estate investments
  • Proven results and returns
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Asset Management

Identify the right strategy.

With extensive asset management expertise, we are able to make strategic recommendations that enhance returns. During each acquisition and disposition process, we thoroughly analyze and actively monitor each asset to determine whether there is more value in holding, refinancing or selling a property. We take factors such as client objectives, asset sector dynamics, market and submarket status, anticipated capital requirements, and capital market conditions into consideration to make the most informed decisions.

When the time is right, we handle all the details, documentation and marketing to ensure the most profitable sale.

  • Extensive asset management expertise
  • Strategic, comprehensive analysis
  • Active market and submarket monitoring
  • Data-driven decision making
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Where analysis and creativity build tangible value.

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