Growth is in our nature.

Deploying diverse real estate strategies across the entire risk spectrum to help our clients capitalize on unique, value-add potential hiding in underutilized properties.

What we do

Diverse Real Estate Investing Strategies

Utilizing our experienced and agile team within the real estate industry to generate returns in creative ways.
Fund Management
Direct Investments
Discovering opportunities in overlooked assets. We’ve proven micro-opportunities generate superior returns. Our funds focus on office, industrial, and residential properties valued $1 - $10 million that are often dismissed as too small or incapable of generating sufficient cash flow. We do more than find and improve these assets, we invest alongside you.
Begin a rewarding partnership. We look beyond building spaces. We transform our assets into vibrant environments that support and elevate the surrounding communities. Our vision drives us to develop refined, sustainable, and memorable real estate with a unique blend of sophistication, bold design, and warmth.
Finding opportunities that fit your unique goals. We tailor highly curated opportunities to fit within each client’s desired risk/return spectrum. From underwriting through due diligence to closing, we manage each step of the acquisition process, so you can rest assured your investment is optimized for growth and profitability.
Investing in technology to improve the space around us. We seek to identify and invest in transformative real estate technology companies positioned to drive revenue and operating improvements in the built world.
Capitalize on an essential market sector. We utilize the ever-growing demand for last-mile distribution services in densely populated infill locations. We own and operate mission-critical, end-user supply chain assets which serve as essential components of our customer’s logistical networks.
Build workspaces that foster productivity and wellbeing. We strive to deliver office environments which go beyond supporting the employees and companies who occupy them. We believe everyone deserves a healthy work environment that promotes personal development and reduces stress.
Creating vibrant living spaces that foster wellness. We build dynamic communities which offer unparalleled comfort and aesthetics to residents, while creating environments that foster meaningful connections which reverberate throughout the community.

About Us

We See Value Where Others Don’t

Seeking out underperforming and overlooked assets, we apply an entrepreneurial, value-add strategy to investing, development, and asset management. Partnering with our vertically integrated companies, we are a complete real estate ecosystem.

Our Partnerships

We Form Life-long Alliances

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Bamboo Equity Partners™ is a fully integrated real estate investment and advisory firm. We utilize vast capital markets and investment management experience to enhance returns in key markets with inherent operational efficiencies and capital dislocation opportunities.

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