Bamboo Buys Webster Groves Office Campus

Bamboo Buys Webster Groves Office Campus

A Maryland Heights-based real estate investment firm recently acquired an 11-acre office campus in Webster Groves — doubling-down on its strategy to invest millions of dollars to transform office campuses from feeling like windowless basements to appealing hotels.

“In order to attract people to the office,” said Dan Dokovic, Bamboo Equity Partners’ managing partner, “you’re going to need to have things that are much better than what they can get at home.”

The company has also recently acquired two office complexes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Alice Benner is Bamboo’s managing director and Gary Parker is co-founder.

Bamboo Equity Partners is aiming to make the office relevant again after the coronavirus pandemic changed the relationship Americans have with it. In many ways, Bamboo’s plan builds upon the company’s history of buying “value-add buildings” — properties that enable owners to boost cash flow through renovations or other changes.