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Redeveloped Carvana and Amazon Site in Hazelwood Sold to Georgia Based Investor

Bamboo Equity Partners™ has recently sold their property located at 5651-5701 Phantom Drive in Hazelwood, Missouri. The 25,107 square foot industrial building is fully occupied by Carvana and Amazon. Located on 3.4 acres, the warehouse was fully redeveloped for Carvana in 2020. Adjacent to the property lies a 2.2 acre parking lot which is currently occupied by Amazon’s sprinter fleet vans and trucks.

The property, previously standing at 53,601 square feet, was bought in May 2019. In October 2019, McClain Construction demolished roughly 28,000 square feet and renovated the remaining 25,000 square feet. Soon after, Intelica CRE got Carvana on board.

“Utilizing our multi-disciplinary company, we were able to transform an eyesore in the Hazelwood neighborhood into a beautiful space for two Fortune 500 companies,” states Dan Dokovic regarding the project.

Some of the property’s neighbors include Boeing, the U.S. Postal Service, the American Red Cross and Chrysler’s Parts Distribution Center, among others. The Stan Johnson Company, an investment sales brokerage firm, completed the sale to Stonemont Financial Group, an investor based in Georgia.

Read the St. Louis Business Journal’s write-up here.

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