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Bringing Triple-Digit Growth to Two Outdated Spaces

1840 – 1856 Craig Park Court
St. Louis, MO 63146


1215 Dielman Industrial Drive
Olivette, MO 63132

Square Feet


Bamboo Equity Partners™ purchased two properties from a special servicer and a local bank out of bankruptcy in 2015. Both buildings were dilapidated and had not been maintained by the previous owners prior to the foreclosure. Implementing our capital improvements program, we white boxed all the spaces, installed new LED lights, made exterior and landscape improvements, added parking lot overlays and updated tenant finishes. With a more modern feel across both office spaces, as well as proximity to the Biotech belt, we were able to leverage the updated look and convenient location to fully lease both buildings to progressive companies in just over two years. We then took the spaces to market and sold to a California-based private equity group looking for stability in Midwest properties. As the assets were purchased with all debt, Bamboo realized a 214.2% increase in value on Craig and an 119.4% increase in value on Dielman.



Occupancy at Disposition

Craig: Occupancy at Acquisition: 44.1%; Occupancy at Disposition: 100%
Dielman: Occupancy at Acquisition: 48.4%; Occupancy at Disposition: 100%


Combined Increase in Value

Combined Acquisition Price: $2,100,000.00; Combined Disposition Price: $5,640,000.00

This was a case of putting in hard work to realize value where others might be apprehensive to take on a challenge of this magnitude. Assessing the risk, investing the time and resource and then realizing the value of our hard work on these assets was a win for our investors.

Dan Dokovic, Managing Principal

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