Bamboo Equity Partners

Invest in Strength. Invest in Growth. Invest in Flexibility.

Firm and Strategy Overview

Bamboo Equity Partners is a team of well-versed real estate professionals that typically structures its acquisitions as joint ventures with pension funds, advisors, high net worth individuals, endowments, and sovereign wealth funds.



Thorough underwriting
Quality due dilligence
Income Growth Potential
Durability of Income
Structuring and financing alternatives



Manage risk to preserve investment value
Maximize the investment performance of each asset
Enhance long-term asset values

Performance Review


On going property KPI review
Long and short term market and industry benchmarking
Formulate a clear exit strategy

Investment Strategy

Bamboo Equity Partners expects to acquire undervalued multi-tenant office, industrial, and retail assets intending on repositioning them in the marketplace by utilizing a fully integrated real estate team to reduce costs and maximize returns. The success of this strategy lies in three key areas:

1. Experience

Extensive industry relationships create attractive investment opportunities.

  • Our investment team has over 50 years combined experience in the commercial real estate industry. Because of our tactical strategy and deep rooted relationships, opportunities are often presented to us before the asset is taken to the market.

2. Access to Capital

In commercial real estate, quick access to capital is imperative.

  • Bamboo's ability to close transactions quickly is integral to the company's success. Sellers are often just as concerned with the certainty of closing as they are with the sale price.

3. Cooperation

The whole must be greater than the sum of its parts.

  • The synergies that are created by incorporating construction management, property management, and asset management into one, fully-integrated real estate firm flow through to the bottom line in your investment and maximize your return.

By incorporating those three aspects into our everyday operations, Bamboo Equity Partners provides attractive investment options in the commercial real estate space.